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We know you do a lot outside of the classroom to advise and mentor your students as they pursue their career goals. When those conversations turn to industries or career paths outside your area of expertise, we are here to support you.

Identifying Passions

Some students come to campus with their career goals already strongly defined, while others arrive with an open mind, hoping their experiences at Richmond will help them develop those goals. For those students struggling to define their passions, we encourage them to get involved on campus and in the community, and to start having conversations about their values, strengths and interests.

Exploring Majors

When students are grappling with what can be a daunting decision of which major(s), concentration(s) and minor(s) to choose, here are some resources to help them start navigating the decision-making process.

Exploring Careers

Sometimes the link between majors and career options is clear and direct, but, more often than not, career paths are non-linear and take unexpected twists and turns. All of these options can be overwhelming for students.  We encourage them to start exploring career options early through career programs, internships, volunteer service and career advising. 

Refer your students to us

If you have a student who is struggling to define a goal for their academics or future career, our career advisors are here to help. We work with students to help them explore majors and career fields, search for internships and jobs, and apply to graduate or professional programs. Students can schedule an appointment with a career advisor or stop by our drop-in hours, every Monday through Friday from 2–4 p.m.


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