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Topic Descriptions

Career Services Overview + Handshake & VMock (25 or 50 mins)
General introduction to the programs, services, and resources that Career Services offers to support students.

Major & Career Exploration (25 or 50 mins)
Choosing a major can be tough. If you are in the process of deciding on what you should major in or if you want to get to know more about the major and career connection, this workshop is perfect for you! By the end of the workshop you will: be able to identify majors offered at UR, develop an action plan for choosing the right major for you, as well as discover resources and opportunities to help you explore majors and make connections to career opportunities.

Resume 101 (25 or 50 mins)
A resume is important to have on hand for internships, jobs, and a variety of other opportunities. Learn the basics of constructing and maintaining a strong professional resume. 

Cover Letter 101 (25 or 50 mins)
Cover letters are important to have on hand for internships, jobs, and a variety of other opportunities. Learn the basics of creating a cover letter by following our step-by-step template. We will cover foundational skills for writing cover letters like a pro.

Searching for Jobs & Internships (25 or 50 mins)
Not sure where to start in your job or internship search? Let us help! Come learn about resources for sourcing opportunities, the application process, and how to strategize in order to know what to target. All participants will leave with an action plan to begin searching for their own opportunities.

Setting Up Your LinkedIn (25 or 50 mins)
Have you heard of LinkedIn but are not sure where to start? Or maybe you have a LinkedIn profile but no clue what to do with it? Either way, this workshop is for you! We will cover both the basics of LinkedIn and developing a profile as well as how to effectively leverage this networking tool for your own professional success.

Networking: Finding & Maintaining Professional Connections (25 or 50 mins)
Just reach out to some alumni who work there! "Don't forget to write a thank you note!" "Prepare a pitch to introduce yourself!" Have you been given some of this advice, but are unsure of how to act on it? Come and learn how to write professional emails, how to reach out to alumni/employers, when and how to write a thank you note, and the importance of an elevator pitch. When it comes down to it, communication plays a large role in the hiring process, and we'll teach you how to avoid common communication mistakes. 

Interview Skills (25 or 50 mins)
By attending this interview workshop, participants will be able to identify different types of interview questions, to effectively employ strategies that make responses to interview questions more memorable, and identify relevant organizational research resources that will assist in preparation for an interview.