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Please note that Career Services will make a good faith effort to accommodate all presentation requests, but cannot guarantee staff availability. After you submit the online form below, a staff member will reach out to follow up on your request. 

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Topic Descriptions

Achieving Success in a Changing Workplace (50 mins)
This interactive session will introduce students to the demands and expectations of the future world of work and teach them how to leverage the skills and experiences gained through their UR education to stand out to employers in today's changing landscape. 

Personal Branding and Storytelling (50 mins)
Storytelling is one of the core career management skills for the future of work. This interactive session will allow students to reflect on their career attributes, identify ideas for their personal brand, and develop the confidence to articulate their personal stories within a career context. 

Resumes and Cover Letters (50 or 25 mins)
General presentation and workshop on resume and cover letters. 

Internship and Job Search (50 or 25 mins)
General presentation and workshop on internship and job search.

Interviewing (50 or 25 mins)
General presentation and workshop on interviewing.

Professional Communication (50 mins)
General presentation and workshop on professional communication skills.

LinkedIn (50 mins)
General presentation and workshop on creating and using LinkedIn.

Career Services and SpiderConnect Overview (25 mins)
General introduction to the programs, services, and resources that Career Services offers to support students.