Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Our office is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at the University of Richmond.

Our Pledge

We aspire to recognize and celebrate each individual’s intersectional identities and provide support and resources to meet their specific needs. 

We aspire to uplift the voices of our community and empower them to advocate for themselves as future leaders in every space they enter. 

We aspire to cultivate the knowledge, skills & abilities from all contributors to encourage collegiality and collaboration. 

We aspire to foster an environment of unconditional belonging. 

We aspire to hold one another accountable and allow advice to strengthen our establishment.

Our Actions

  • Advocating that all staff participate in ongoing DEIB training
  • Creating a space to provide feedback and address instances of bias, discrimination, microaggressions, and more - to everyone, including those in power
  • Engaging in healthy, genuine, and productive relationships with internal and external constituents who value and promote inclusivity in their initiatives and practices
  • Continuously incorporating inclusive, equitable, anti-racist, anti-biased practices into our daily operations
  • Recognizing that this is a living document and our work is continuous and does not end with this pledge