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What can you do with your major?

We use the “What Can I Do With this Major?” resource that features nearly 100 major profiles with information on common career paths, types of employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities. Scroll to the bottom of each profile for links to professional associations, occupational outlook information, and job search resources.

To use this resource, you must be on-campus or logged into the VPN. Remember, major does not equal career, so use this as a resource, but know that it does not restrict you to a certain path.

Career Communities

The following list of career communities is not comprehensive and was developed based on student interest and the post-graduation outcome survey data. If you don’t see your interests reflected in this list, we can still help you! Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to come up with a plan tailored to you.

Vault Career Guides

Vault's career guides offer industry insights into what it takes to land your dream job in your chosen profession.