Finance Career Community

Finance Career Community

Finance is the management of money, including investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting. There are three main types of finance – personal, corporate, and public.

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Keith Webb


Deconstructing Wall Street

Deconstructing Series

Have questions about Wall Street? Maybe you are wondering "what is investment management, or sales & trading?" These questions and many others can be answered at this program featuring breakout sessions and networking.

Banking Boot Camp

Foundational Workshop

Weekly sessions that include both lecture and hands-on activities to enhance your market knowledge and skills that are critical to performing well in finance interviews.

Training the Street

Foundational Workshop

By incorporating a dynamic mix of live instruction, class collaboration, and technical fundamentals, students will learn real-world applications of finance theory in a way that brings finance fundamentals to life.

Spiders on Wall Street

Spider Road Trip

Hit the road to visit employers in NYC to learn first-hand about the different industries and potential job and internship opportunities within organizations.

Vault Finance Guide

Vault is a resource that breaks down the industry and includes information such as, what skill set is needed, job and internship opportunities, salary expectations, recruiting timelines, and more.