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Resource Library Book Review

Introducing the Career Services Resource Library Book Review series! Each month, we'll share a review written by a Richmond student on a book from our resource library (located in our Tyler Haynes Commons office). This month's book is The Big Short by Michael Lewis.Read the review
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Photos from Career Services

Last stop: BNP Paribas—WE DID IT!
Our alums at Barclays just KNOW you can’t leave the big 🍎 without some 🍕🍕🍕 Thanks for planning our visit, Mike, Camille and Olivia !
We’ve made it to Goldman Sachs—we’ve got alums Amir Subjally, Steve Laszczyk, and Jessica Westberry.
After a 12 hour day with 5 stops and a reception yesterday, the group is up bright and early to make it downtown to Citi 🏙 #spiderroadtrip #spidersonwallstreet
Last company visit for today—Bank of America Merrill Lynch!
Some incredible networking happening between students and our ah-mazing alumni!
Still going strong—Spiders take on J.P.
Stop 3/10 [yes, that’s right—10]: Jefferies!
A little food and a little knowledge at Tetragon, an asset management firm, with alumni Doug Ross, R’91 and AJ Alexakos, ‘16 🏦#foodforthought #spiderroadtrip #spidersonwallstreet
Paul Sweeney, R’86, of Bloomberg schooling our students.
Thought we were done?

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