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Do you know what you're doing after graduation?

We want to hear about your post-graduation plans (even if you haven't figured them out yet!) Do you have job? Are you headed to graduate school? Taking a gap year? Weighing your options? We want to know!Let us know!

Career Tips for Seniors

Career advisor Anna Young offers her top five tips for seniors (before and after commencement!)Check out the tips!

Resource Library Book Review

Introducing the Career Services Resource Library Book Review series! Each month, we'll share a review written by a Richmond student on a book from our resource library (located in our Tyler Haynes Commons office). This month's book is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell.Read the review

Queally Center

We have a new Career Gallery and Employer Suite in the Queally Center!Learn more about the building
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Meet Tenaj, a UR alum who proves that not all career paths are linear. See how this psychology major and dance minor turned her experiences, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit into her own business.

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It's not always about what you study in school — that's the starting point. It's really about finding your passion and taking advantage of opportunities. Tenaj Ferguson, '11

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