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Where do I start?

Life doesn’t always unfold according to plan, does it? So, your plan needs to be flexible, allowing for unexpected opportunities and changes to your goals. At the beginning of your journey you may not know exactly what your post-graduation goals will be, but by using our Four Year Plan to guide you each year, you will be positioned for success, no matter what exciting turns your career path takes. If you have already focused in on one industry, take a look at our industry pages for additional action steps. For an overview of how you can engage with our office, view our guide below:


Check out our Getting Started Guide (below-left) and then utilize our worksheet (below-right) to reflect upon your interests, skills, and experiences and develop next steps for exploring career possibilities:

handout  screenshot of the Getting Started handout 

We can help

Not just "career" advisors

Interested in what our office has to offer and want to learn more? You can drop by our office from 2 - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and meet an advisor for 10-15 minutes. This is a great way to get an introduction to our services and see what we have that meets your needs.

Meeting with a career advisor can provide you with an introduction to our services and also help you to start thinking about your own academic and career interests. You don’t need to have any specific questions lined up, know your major, or have a desired career path to take advantage of advising. In advising we enjoy getting to know you, learn about your passions, strengths, and skills and help you navigate the process of thinking about majors, careers, and exploring your interests.

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What does your personality or interest tell about your future?

Career Services offers both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory as tools to help students explore. These assessments help to identify specific information about your personality or interests and then you will work through the results with an advisor to discuss how this information can help guide your academic and future plans. If you are interested in learning more or taking an assessment, schedule an appointment with an advisor to learn more.

Exploration Programs and Events

Every year we offer a variety of programs that allow students to explore different areas of work, hear alumni stories of their career paths, and learn foundational career development skills like creating a resume and searching for internships. This is a great way to begin utilizing our office to gain information and explore your interests outside of career advising.

Check out some of our upcoming events in the "Exploration Events" feed below!

Also, visit our Spider Shadowing page to learn how this program allows you to explore the possibilities of a career through half- or full-day job shadowing experiences. 

Online Resources

Our website is rich with information to help you explore and learn on your own in the comfort of your residence hall. If you’re interested in browsing different career areas or are looking for information on specific topics like resumes or interviewing, check out our website for information, tip sheets, and additional resources. 

Exploration Events

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