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Wondering exactly what “networking” means? Confused about what to wear to an interview? Resumes: bullets, italics, or underlines? What about deciding between several offers?

Career Services has you covered, with just about every topic you could think of (and maybe some you didn’t!).

Jobs & Internships


Internship Worksheet

Creating Your Own Internship

Micro-Internships with Parker Dewey

Internships & Study Abroad

Summer Experience Search Strategies

Search Strategies


Job Search Strategies

Navigating Career Fairs

Creating an Application or Job Tracking System

IBIS World

Industry Timelines and Recruiting Structures

International Student Search Strategies

Job Search in a Tough Economy

NACE's Guide to Social Media in the Job Search




Informational Interviewing

UROnline Alumni Directory - The goal for student access to the UR Online alumni directory is to create and foster the professional relationships alumni/student. Alumni provide valuable support and assistance to students as they explore potential career paths, open doors to industry networking opportunities, provide a glimpse into the day-to-day life of professionals.

Additional Search Tools This website is a tool for job seekers, students, businesses and career professionals. ConnectRichmond provides information, resources and instant access to nonprofits, civic leaders, volunteers and others interested in improving Metro Richmond. The Job Finder function of the website is a great place to find local area jobs and internships focused on the nonprofit community.

Federal Internships & Jobs- Learn about jobs and internships with the federal government.

Student and Recent Graduates- Federal Government Jobs - Idealist is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resrouces and ideas, locate opprotunities and supporters, and take steps towards building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. Search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) - JAN is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. 


Life After College

Life After College

Realworld | Simplify Adulthood.
Download the free Realworld app and join the community of 20-somethings on the journey to independence. 
Realworld is your personalized playbook for life after school - build your own to-do list and set reminders to stay on track. Their step-by-step playbooks are integrated with video content, tools, and benchmarks, providing guidance through decisions like enrolling in health insurance, repaying student loans, filling out tax forms, and signing a lease. This all-in-one hub is your sidekick for life in the working world! Download the free iOS app here

Gap Year Experiences

Budgeting After College

Post-Grad Housing Search

Alumni Benefits

Five Things Every New Grad Should Do

Stay Connected to UR

International Resources

International Resources

Interested in studying, interning, volunteering or working abroad? Before you begin, focus your search by targeting specific industries, job functions, graduate schools and countries. Resources that are targeted to your search in some way (by country or industry, for example) will usually be more effective than general resources. The following resources and strategies are designed to help you start your search, whether you are an international student or someone looking to work outside the United States. In addition to using these resources, think long term: even after you've made the most of your study abroad program or interned and volunteered internationally, consider applying to multinational companies in the U.S., which might bring the potential to transfer to many other locations across the world.

International Alumni Contacts
Just as with any job search, networking with fellow Spider alumni can be a powerful tool. Start by reaching out to these International Spider Alumni contacts: 

LinkedIn is another valuable networking tool. To find UR alumni living in the countries you are interested in, hover on the “My Network” tab on the navigation bar and then select “Find Alumni.” This will give you access to all UR alumni who are on LinkedIn and you can search through the listings by location, industry, company, major, skills, and relationship to you. 

Additional Resources

The country guides on Goinglobal (which can be accessed through SpiderConnect) include top companies, job search resources, cultural advice, résumé guidelines, and employment trends specific to that country.

Foreign Affairs Job Board


International Career Employment Weekly

Lat Pro

NYU's Work Abroad Resources

Overseas Jobs

*Please note that the references on working/teaching/volunteering/interning abroad on this website are provided as a convenience to students, but are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, University of Richmond. We cannot make guarantees about the experiences that any of these organizations provide. We suggest that you do vigorous research before pursuing any opportunity in another country.

Additional Resources

In addition to our online resources, we also have books and other printed materials in the Career Services space that are cataloged through the Boatwright Memorial Library catalog.