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Apply to Graduate School

Our career advisors can walk you through the process, help you craft a compelling personal statement, evaluate funding resources, and more, regardless of your intended field of study. We also conduct workshops on applying to graduate school throughout the year. 

Considering Graduate School?

Begin by asking yourself:

  • Why do I want to pursue graduate school?
  • What goals do I hope to accomplish by attending graduate school?
  • Does my field of interest require graduate school and/or work experience? If there are multiple degrees that pertain to my field, do I understand the differences?
  • Am I a good candidate for a graduate degree at this time?
  • Is this the right time to pursue a graduate degree? Would later be better?
  • Am I willing to invest my time and financial resources in this degree?

Graduate programs differ significantly from undergraduate programs in that they aim for specificity rather than broad application. Therefore, it is imperative that you find programs that closely match your goals and interests. Look at the curriculum, the faculty research interests and alumni outcomes following graduation.

Questions to ask about specific graduate programs:

  • What have faculty members published recently? Compare professors’ interests to your own.
  • How many faculty members does the department have? Does the department’s reputation rest heavily on one or two professors? Check for depth in the faculty.
  • What characteristics distinguish this program from others in the same field? 
  • What is the relative importance of admissions test scores, undergraduate grades, recommendations, internships and research? Is this a safety, mid-range or reach school for you?
  • Does the department prefer applicants immediately out of undergraduate programs or is some work experience preferred? 
  • What types of financial aid are offered? How much money is available? What is the criteria that is used for choosing recipients? Are assistantships or fellowships available?
  • Where are the graduates employed? Are they doing what you want to be doing?