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Graduate School Funding


  • Funding, in the form of tuition waiver or stipend, provided to students through part-time academic employment.
  • May be research, teaching or administrative.
  • Institution-specific processes, which often entails applying to specific professors, departments or offices.
  • In some fields, assistantships can cover the entire cost of tuition and provide a living stipen.

Employer assistance

  • Tuition remission or repayment may be a benefit offered by certain employers.
  • Often, there are stipulations about how much aid is available, type of degree pursued and grades required.


  • Funding to enable a student to conduct research, often awarded on the basis of academic excellence.
  • Many fellowships are school-specific, though there are some highly competitive national fellowships.
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Federal assistance and loans


  • Often very specific in nature, whether they are school-focused or focused on a certain demographic.
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