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Submit Intent to Declare a Major or Minor in Business
Sophomores who wish to major or minor in business submit an intent form online within the first two weeks of their fall semester and will then be identified as Pre-Business. Pre-Business students who meet criteria will be formally invited to declare their business major or minor in the first two weeks of the spring semester.
Attend an RSB Class Information Session
Sophomores should attend annual class information sessions with selected Robins School of Business (RSB) Faculty, Staff, and Career Services during the month of September. Those faculty and staff include the Robins School student services coordinator; the director of career programs in business at the Center for Professional Skills and Development; the associate dean for international business programs; the Executive-in-Residence corporate partner(s); the associate director for career services and RSB liaison for finance and marketing; and the associate director of career services and RSB liaison for accounting, consulting, economics, international business, and management - both with the Office of Alumni and Career Services.
Meet with Designated Career Services Advisors

Staff from the Office of Alumni and Career Services serve as liaisons to Robins School students interested in particular career paths. Daily drop-in hours are held weekdays from 2–4 p.m. in Suite Q273, or students can make an appointment by calling 289-8547.

Meet with RSB Staff
Staff at the business school can provide students with helpful information and advice. Students are encouraged to meet with the student services coordinator for questions about courses and declaring a major/minor; the director of career programs in business, for programming and professional skill development; and the executives in residence, for career exploration with retired business executives.
Attend RSB Executive Speaker Series or C-Suite Conversation Events
Students can take advantage of many opportunities to hear directly from business leaders through the Executive Speaker Series and C-Suite Conversations.
Attend Career Programming
Each September, Career Services organizes the Fall Spider Career Expo, in addition to a wide variety of events throughout the semester that are directly applicable to business school students.
Learn about Study Abroad Opportunities
Sophomores interested in studying abroad are encouraged to attend an information session to learn about opportunities with our overseas partner schools.
Visit the RSB Center for Active Business Education
Students should research hands-on business opportunities like case-based competitions, class activities and field projects through the Center for Active Business Education.
Visit the RSB Center for Professional Skills and Development
Students can gain professional business skills through experiential learning programs and the Center for Professional Skills & Development. Registration for each program is required.
Apply for Q-Camp
Students can apply for Q-Camp, a program designed for sophomores business majors/minors in November. Selected students will attend an off-campus bootcamp in late January.
Explore Campus or RSB Student Organization
Campus student organizations and RSB student organizations can provide leadership experience related to career and personal interests.
Building Your Brand

Everything from your emails to class attendance shapes how faculty, staff, and potential employers view you. Here are Career Services resources to consider when presenting yourself.