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Joining Jepson

Apply to the Jepson School
Information sessions are held each fall. Applications are typically due at the end of September. You will be formally inducted into the School at Prelude.
Attend the Jepsonian Institute
Once admitted, students attend this orientation program to learn more about the curriculum and to begin planning their academic program.
Consider Joining the Jepson Student Government Association (JSGA)
Consider gaining leadership experience by joining JSGA. Sophomore senators are elected each fall. A full election is held in March.
Informally Interview Jepson School Alumni
Talk with the associate dean for student and external affairs at the Jepson School or search SpiderConnect to identify Jepson alumni who are happy to talk with you about their academic studies and subsequent careers.
Attend Jepson School Events
The Jepson Leadership Forum, Marshall Center Speaker Series and programs offered by JSGA and the Jepson Alumni Corps offer opportunities to interact with and hear from distinguished leaders and scholars in a variety of fields.
Attend the Jepson Intern Institute
This half-day program features sessions facilitated by Jepson alumni and Career Services staff and is a critical component of your preparation.
Apply for Internships and Summer Fellowships
Check out internship opportunities posted in SpiderConnect and Summer Fellowships available to make internship opportunities possible.
Conduct Research
Talk with your professors and consider conducting research to learn more about a specific area of interest. Grants are available to support research during the summer and academic year.
Consider Studying Abroad
Learn about the Jepson at Cambridge and other programs and consider honing your skills abroad. 
Meet with a Career Services Advisor
A Career Services advisor is available to meet each Wednesday in Jepson Hall to provide career counseling, critique resumes, help you navigate SpiderConnect, the online job and network tool, and answer questions. Daily walk-in hours are held in the Office of Career Services weekdays from 2–4 p.m., or students can make an appointment by calling 289-8547.
Attend Career Programming
Programs such as Spider Road Trips, Expos and programs offered by the Jepson Student Government Association and Jepson Alumni Corps will help you strengthen networking, etiquette and other practical skills.    
Building Your Brand

Everything from your emails to class attendance shapes how faculty, staff, and potential employers view you. Here are Career Services resources to consider when presenting yourself.