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Problem Solving

At work, problems are at the center of what many people do every day. Either you’re solving a problem for a client (internal or external), supporting those who are solving problems, or discovering new problems to solve. What may seem like a small problem to solve may wind up having a huge impact. One way you can make a difference from the very beginning is by looking for solutions to challenges your organization is currently facing, or discovering ways to make processes more efficient. Employers are looking to hire someone who can analyze a problem, and develop and implement a creative solution.

How You Might Build This Skill

  • Consider conducting a long-term research project, either as part of a faculty member’s ongoing scholarship, or to answer a research question of your own.
  • If you identify a problem or issue on campus or in the community, become an active player in designing and developing creative solutions.
Building Your Brand

Everything from your emails to class attendance shapes how faculty, staff, and potential employers view you. Here are Career Services resources to consider when presenting yourself.