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Arts and Sciences Career Development Cycle

Career management is an ongoing process that will often evolve several times during the course of your lifetime. As your career progresses, you’ll find that your career goals may evolve and you will begin the career development cycle again.


In addition to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), students should be aware that all advisors also serve as academic advisors for undeclared students and help students identify course content that may be relevant to a particular career field or long-term goal.

Explore Options

First year and sophomore students are encouraged to enroll in the Career Exploration Wellness course. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to enroll in the Life & Careers Wellness course. Students should also consider our varying Expos, Road Trips, and Employer Information Sessions.

Narrowing Options

  • Networking events with employers 
  • Health Preceptorship Program
  • Informational Interviews
  • Identifying employers or organizations and applying for internships. Each year UR Summer Fellowships provide support for students to take on unpaid internships.

Implementing Goals

  • Attend a résumé and interviewing workshop
  • Attend the Applying to Graduate School Workshop
  • Have a mock interview with an employer or member of the Career Services advising team
  • Create a timeline with short and long-term goals with the help of a career advisor
Building Your Brand

Everything from your emails to class attendance shapes how faculty, staff, and potential employers view you. Here are Career Services resources to consider when presenting yourself.