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The School of Arts and Sciences Career Blueprint

You’ve received a strong education here at Richmond, but what else are employers looking for in a potential hire? Employer or graduate school expectations actually extend far beyond your transcript.

When you graduate with your degree in one of the many programs offered by the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have knowledge in your specific discipline, which you can supplement with faculty-mentored research, studying abroad, and/or an internship. Beyond that, Richmond’s liberal arts curriculum will help you become intellectually versatile, culturally informed, and an experienced citizen of the world.

How do you make the most of the opportunities available to you here? How do you best present yourself and communicate the ways that you can make a contribution?

Use the links at the right to discover some key capabilities that organizations may be looking for in a new employee, or that graduate schools are seeking in a candidate, and review suggestions about how you might build those skills.

Building Your Brand

Everything from your emails to class attendance shapes how faculty, staff, and potential employers view you. Here are Career Services resources to consider when presenting yourself.