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Recruiting Policies

Employers and Organizations

The Office of Alumni and Career Services adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Conduct. All employers recruiting at the University of Richmond are required to uphold these standards. In addition, all employers recruiting students are required to adhere to the University of Richmond Offer Guidelines and Policies.

Hiring Foreign Graduates

International students require work authorizations to allow them to work for your organization. Use the resources below to help you understand what’s involved in the hiring process. The Office of International Education also provides helpful resources for navigating this process.

H1-B Alternatives

Easy Guide to Hiring Foreign Graduates

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Immigration Practice Group

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On Campus Interview Cancellation and No-Show Policy

The cancellation and no-show policy applies to individual interviews, group interviews, mock interviews, and information sessions. Students are expected to honor all interview commitments.

Class Conflicts

Being mindful that the central purpose for students at the University is their academic pursuits, Career Services does not encourage students to miss classes to attend recruitment events both on and off campus. We ask employers to be flexible when students experience conflicts between their classes and interview schedules or information sessions. We encourage students to handle these conflicts proactively and professionally by first contacting employers to inquire about alternatives.


If a conflict arises, students are expected to cancel their scheduled interview or information sessions through SpiderConnect no less than two business days in advance of the scheduled time.
 We encourage them to contact a Career Services representative immediately if unable to attend the scheduled interview time.

 If a student must cancel within two business days in advance of the scheduled time, s/he must write and send a letter of explanation to the employer and submit a copy to Career Services no later than 5 p.m. the day following a no-show. Our office will not allow any further interviews with that student to take place or be scheduled until that letter is received.