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On-Campus and Remote Interview Program

University of Richmond’s interviewing program makes it easy for recruiters to connect and select qualified candidates. Our students view and apply for current postings via SpiderConnect, our online recruiting database. You will receive a resume packet electronically and select those who possess the qualifications and skills you need. Employers benefit from the use of private furnished rooms to conduct their interviews.


On-Campus Recruiting Calendar and Important Academic Dates

Fall 2017 Event
August 28 Fall Classes Begin
September 4 Labor Day Holiday
September 12 Spider Career Expo
September 20 On-Campus and Remote Interview Program Opens
October 13 - 17 Fall Break - No Classes
October 27 - 29 Homecoming - No Student Programming or On-Campus Recruiting Permitted on October 27
November 21 - 26 Thanksgiving Break - No Classes
December 8 Last Day of Classes
December 11 - 19 Final Exams - No Student Programming or On-Campus Recruiting Permitted
December 19 - January 15 Winter Break - No Classes
Spring 2018 Event
January 16 Spring Classes Begin
January 26 Spider Career Expo
January 29 On-Campus and Remote Interview Program Opens
March 9 - 18 Spring Break - No Classes
April 27 Last Day of Classes
April 30 - May 5 Final Exams - No Student Programming or On-Campus Recruiting Permitted
May 5 Spring Term Ends

Frequently Asked Questions

What are employer interviews and where are they held?

Employer interviews are a form of recruiting that organizations use to attract and interview students for internships and full-time employment opportunities.

Interviews are held in the Career Gallery and Employer Suite located in the Queally Center for Admissions and Career Services. See the campus map for the exact location. We also offer remote interviewing, please see the Employer's Guide to Remote Interviews for more information.

What if I am unable to come to Richmond's campus?

If you are unable to interview on campus, we also offer Skype, phone, and video conferencing. For more information, please contact Sarah Kuhn at or call (804) 289-8139.

How do I sign up for an interview date?

Register for SpiderConnect, the University’s online recruiting database system, and click ‘on-campus recruitment’ on the top menu bar and complete the request form.

What is the difference between Preselect, Alternate, and Open?
  • Preselect – These are your first choice candidates that you select to interview. These individuals will have the first opportunity to pick their interview time slot.
  • Alternate – These are your second choice of candidates that you select to interview. If any preselect candidates decline to interview, alternate(s) will be notified of which open slot they can select.
  • Open – Candidates submit their résumé and select an interview time slot without your involvement. You simply interview these candidates on the interview date.
I have an interview date reserved. What's next?

After your date has been reserved, you will post your position(s) to your interview schedule in SpiderConnect. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this when your interivew has been confirmed. If you prefer, our staff can post your position(s) for you.

What is the next step after the students' resume submission deadline?

Once this deadline passes, you will be emailed a packet that includes the candidates’ resumes along with any other documentation that you requested, such as a cover letter, unofficial transcripts, and writing samples. Within SpiderConnect, you will select the candidates you wish to interview. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you along with your packet. Our staff ensures that students select their interview times accordingly. The day before the interview, we will email you your detailed schedule(s), which will include the candidates’ names, resume and interview times.


For any questions, email Sarah Kuhn, Assistant Director, or call (804) 289-8139.

Upcoming Recruiting Events

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