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Frequently Asked Questions

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Credit and Pay

Even if a student is receiving academic credit in conjunction with the internship, the student still has the right to be paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act unless the company is not deriving any immediate advantage from the intern’s work.

Employment Terms

The employer may want to document in writing the terms and conditions of employment, including start and end dates, compensation, confidentiality, and job responsibilities.


If an intern is harassed at your organization and you take no action, your organization opens itself to the risk of lawsuits. Take time to advise your interns of appropriate workplace behavior, the organization’s harassment policy, and the complaint procedure.

Workers' and Unemployment Compensation

Workers compensation boards have found that interns contribute enough to a company to make them employees. It is wise to cover interns under your workers compensation policy even though you are not required to do so. Student interns are not generally eligible for unemployment compensation at the end of an internship.

International Students

The Office of International Education serves as the clearing house and administrative support center for international students navigating the various visa requirements for working or completing internships while studying in the U.S.