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Spider Shadowing is a program designed to connect Richmond students with alumni and employers for half- or full-day job shadowing experiences during winter and summer breaks.

Why Offer a Shadowing Opportunity?

Job shadowing experiences provide students with rich learning opportunities as they explore career options, while serving as an early talent identification tool for employers seeking interns and full-time job candidates.

Employers who offer shadowing experiences:

  • gain exposure to recruiting practices at Richmond
  • learn firsthand about the value of a Richmond education through interaction with current students 
  • meet OACS staff who can assist in developing a recruiting strategy for their organization
  • increase their organization’s recognition among Richmond students, particularly first-years and sophomores, by building their brand on campus

Alumni who offer shadowing experiences:

  • give back to Richmond by providing students with advice, ideas, and expertise in their career searches
  • strengthen their connection to Richmond through relationships formed with current Richmond students
  • gain access to resources for hiring Spiders for internships and jobs within their organizations
  • demonstrate the value of the Spider Network to the next generation of Spider alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the program. For more information, please email us.

I want to be a shadowing host. How do I get involved?

Spider Shadowing hosts make their interest and availability known by posting a description of their shadowing opportunity in our online database, SpiderConnect. Sample shadowing schedules are provided, as well as a step-by-step guide to posting your opportunity.

When does Spider Shadowing take place?

Spider Shadowing is offered during students’ winter and summer breaks in set timeframes. Shadowing hosts will connect with their student matches to select a shadowing date that works for the host’s work schedule.

Are shadowing experiences paid?

No, shadowing experiences are unpaid. Hosts are not required to remunerate students who shadow.

Do I have to provide housing or transportation to the shadowing student?

No. Students are responsible for finding their own housing, transportation to your company, and for all other costs associated with accepting the shadowing experience.

How is a student selected and matched with me?

Hosts post descriptions of their shadowing opportunity in SpiderConnect by the winter or summer deadline. Students apply to shadowing opportunities well suited to their interests in SpiderConnect. Following the application deadline, shadowing hosts will receive a packet of resumes submitted for their opportunity. Hosts then select the students they wish to have shadow them.

What should I have my shadowing student do?

The specific activities involved in a shadowing experience vary among host sites, but some common experiences include:

1.    Providing a tour of your facility/office space
2.    Sharing your career history and/or trends in the industry with the student
3.    Discussing the student’s career interests and questions
4.    Providing an overview of your organization’s operations and staff divisions
5.    Inviting the student to observe meetings, conference calls, or other events
6.    Reviewing the student’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and other professional documents
7.    Arranging informational interviews for the student with your colleagues

Sample shadowing schedules are also provided.

Does every host who provides a shadowing opportunity get matched with a student?

It is possible that you may offer a shadowing opportunity and not be matched with a student. We encourage prospective hosts to offer shadowing experiences during both winter and summer breaks to increase the likelihood of a match. If you would like feedback on your shadowing description, please contact us at (804) 289-8547. If you would like to discuss other ways to connect with Richmond students, please contact our Employer Development team at

Can I arrange for my student to spend time with people other than me?

Absolutely! We encourage hosts to give a broad view of the professional roles available in their organization and industry. Students also appreciate the opportunity to expand their professional network.

Winter Break Spider Shadowing

December 8
Deadline to apply for shadowing opportunities.

December 9 - 13
If you are matched with a host, Career Services will introduce you to the host via email. Once you’re introduced, you will coordinate your shadowing day by continuing the conversation with your host.

January 6 - 10 
Shadowing Week during winter break! Spiders across the country visit UR alumni and partners at their workplace.

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