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Did you know that as a Richmond alum you have access to Career Services for life? Whether you're figuring out your post-grad plans or how to transition to life after college - we're here for you and have many resources to help!

Before we dive in, please know that you can make a virtual appointment with a career advisor anytime to talk about your specific situation! The resources below are meant to provide general advice.

Also, we want to know your plans as they are right now - please fill out our short* First Destination Survey. We capture the data from this survey at graduation, 3-months-out, and 6-months-out, so if you're still figuring things out, we still want to know, and you can always update your response later as your plans take shape! 

Job Search/Graduate School

Searching for your next opportunity at any time needs thoughtful planning and patience, especially now when the market is still in flux and there are uncertainties. Whether you're looking for a job, or applying for graduate schools, we have plenty of resources for you to get started.


In addition to our recorded workshops above, we also have a blog post titled, "Expectations and Reality: Reimaging Your Job Search," as well as guides on job search strategy and applying to graduate school

Don't forget to check SpiderConnect! SpiderConnect is the university's online database that allows you to search opportunities posted by recruiting organizations that are looking to specifically hire Spiders!


How do you connect with other people in a world that's still largely virtual? Especially when you're looking for a job, networking is important in landing the role you want – no matter how we are operating. Over the last year, we've gotten more adept at using technology to connect with others, even if we can't be together in person. Even so, you may still feel a little weird reaching out to new people and asking to connect. We've got resources below to help you feel more confident about networking in a virtual world.


We know small talk can be a bit awkward, check out this blog post to feel more confident! We also have a guide on networking featuring email templates and how to create your 60-second "personal commercial."

As an alum, you are also a member of UR Online. As a member you will have access to update your email preferences, register for events, check your giving history, submit a class note, have free access to library resources like JSTOR. Most importantly, UR Online gives you exclusive access to the online Alumni Directory, which features over 40,000 alumni profiles! Network and stay connected to other Spiders through searching by geographic location, job industry, or major.


LinkedIn remains a powerful professional tool, and especially for those who are job seeking. It has continued to evolve as a multi-functional site that offers well-rounded resources for those who need it. From job searches, to networking, interviewing, and upskilling – LinkedIn is very versatile. Learn more about how to get started with LinkedIn and really use all of its features.


Check out our blog posts on how to maximize LinkedIn and it's hidden gem: the alumni search tool. We also have a helpful LinkedIn Guide to get you started!


Over the last year, interviewing has changed to be almost entirely virtual. And, with technology continuing to evolve, many more platforms and formats have emerged to conduct interviews. Video interviews, pre-recorded interviews, conference’s enough to confuse anyone. Career Services has you covered to prepare for upcoming interviews and standing out in the virtual space.


Whether you're interviewing for a remote job or you have your first virtual interview coming up, we have many blog posts to help you navigate these experiences! 

Remember, the interview begins when you first make contact with the employer - check out our interview guide to walk you through what to expect and how to make it successful! 

Contact Us

No matter where you are or your situation, community is so important, especially now. Our support systems cheer us on and lift our spirits. Your Richmond community has been hard at work offering virtual get-togethers and programs to connect with other Spiders. Make sure to update your information in UR Online to stay connected and learn about upcoming events and opportunities for alumni. 

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